Montibus Group recently filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office applications to protect its intellectual property and product name for Zanger Home and Ranch Security system.

Zanger Home and Ranch Security is a new product developed by the engineers in Company’s Research &
Development Group. This new product utilizes a proprietary Tetra platform which was originally developed for the United States Military.
Zanger Security not only provides protection on the ground but also protects the skies above the protected territory from drones and other unmanned flying apparatus.
Zanger Home and Ranch Security is an Artificial Intelligence-driven plug-n-play system, which is effortless to install, entertaining to operate, and has features that no other security system has.
The company’s engineers are developing optional equipment, such as security lights and cameras, which will integrate into the existing system by just turning them on.
Zanger Home and Ranch Security system and all the optional equipment will be manufactured in our factory in Ashtarak, Armenia to guarantee superb quality and reliability.