TetraEx Mini Network Sensors

We have created a modern, patented, dual-use (military-economic) “Virtual Wall” technology. By the end of 2022, our plant in Ashtarak will start producing this newest, next generation, large space control devices and their control systems in Armenia. Once installed, these “micro” sensors are automatically activated, connected to each other, creating an opaque “virtual wall”. These sensors detect, measure, identify, classify relevant information, eliminate false alarms, and report the exact GPS coordinates of border trespassers. One control device, say a modern phone, tablet or computer, can monitor more than 10,000 pointers և hundreds of square kilometers.


Zanger Home and Ranch Security System

We developed an Artificial Intelligence-based home security system that in addition to protecting the area on the ground, also protects the space above it from spying drones. This system is based on the same proprietary technology that we developed for the military. The system is extremely easy to set up, effortless to operate, and has features that no other home security system has.

Contract manufacturing

Our electronics manufacturing and assembly capabilities will allow us to build the new technologies that are being developed by the Research and Development Department of Montibus Group. The technical capabilities and manufacturing capacities of the factory will allow us to perform contract manufacturing services for local businesses involved in electronics, robotics, and computer-related manufacturing; fields that have a great growth potential in Armenia, due to country’s location, trade advantages through economic affiliations, and a large pool of educated and skilled workforce.

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