Program Management

Kurt Van Laar has been dedicated to the development of classified and non-classified security systems and decoy systems. He authored several classified patents relating to aircraft decoys. Other patents authored include Two US patents and One Euro patent relating to needle free drug delivery systems. Mr. Van Laar is a competent hardware, software and system level designer.

Mr. Lenko’s management expertise ensures on time compliance with schedules and commitments. Mr. Lenko has a vast array of contacts and associates in the high tech, medical, and aerospace community and can call on them to mitigate any potential technical issues as either paid or unpaid consultants.

Mr. Lenko has 20 years of technology business experience in management, marketing, finance, professional services, product development, and business development. He has extensive experience in the software, hardware, network management, local area network, wide area network, and services industries. Mr. Lenko specializes in growing start-up opportunities into highly profitable businesses.

Mr. Springsteen has over 30 years in the aerospace and computer industries. His work includes mathematical modeling and simulations, CAD/CAM software, software project design and implementation, and computer graphics.

Montibus Group’s engineering team has specialized experience in designing scalable distributed systems. Past performance includes extremely complex hardware and software development projects.

The engineering team has appropriate experience managing complex development projects. Qualifications include deep industry experience and advanced degrees.

Kurt Van Laar is responsible for development R&D relating to military equipment and special projects. He has two classified U.S. Patent applications relating to missile decoy systems.

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